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Tailoring Centre

The aim behind opening a Tailoring Centre was to empower women through vocational training in tailoring. Such programs have been bringing a ray of hope into the lives of thousands of women. This program has 6 months to 12 months courses wherein women learns all technical knowhow and skills in tailoring and become able to stitch clothes for others during the course cycle. This is giving them a platform of self earning groups and empowering them to support their families. This program has drastically changed the lives of such women who were socially and economically backward and deprived of the basic amenities of life.

The program aims at creating economic self-reliance among the women by helping them start small-scale units. Training socio-economically backward women in tailoring by setting up Centers in rural areas is another popular program of Divine Care India. Efforts are made to ensure that post training, they are able to establish tailoring units on their own and thus enjoy a sustainable income.

We at Divine Care India want the every women of this country be self dependent and can lead their lives at par with the social and economic setup of India. We are working hard towards this effort and to this endeavor we wish to make further extensions of such programs so that more and more women of this country can be benefited.