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Our Mission in life is to serve the humanity by providing Divine Care to children, men and women, and senior citizens who are uncared in the society by means of wholesome Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Social Development through Evangelization, Education, Medical Care, Free Shelters such as Orphanages, Old Age Homes etc., based on the principles found in the Holy Scriptures .

Meaning of Mission Statement

1. Mission in life : The ultimate aim of all individuals in the organization. Whatever we may do, the end result should be care to the uncared in the society. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

2. Serve the Humanity: We are not self-centered, but living to serve the humanity. Humanity is universal, not limited to any nation, religion, caste, creed, color etc.

3. Divine Care: The care given to the needy by Jesus Christ Himself. We are His representatives on earth, working to please God through our sacrificial life and service to the world.

4. To Children, men and women, and Senior Citizens who are uncared in the society: It covers all needy people in the society who are uncared and unattended by others. Orphan children, Street Children, Poor Children, Handicapped Children, Child Laborers, poor and needy men and women who are either literates or illiterates, employed or unemployed, Senior citizens who are physically ailing, rejected by all etc.

5. Wholesome Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Social Development: Providing complete care for the individual. All aspects of an individuals life need to be attended and cared for.

6. Through Evangelization, Church Planting, Education, Medical Care, Free Shelters such as Orphanages, Old Age Homes: Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Spiritual healing and blessings of the people. Plant Local Churches to give care to new believers. Provide standard education freely or at affordable cost to both the rural and urban masses. Free Medical camps, Conduct awareness programs about Diseases, the need of Cleanliness, the importance of Forestation, Rain Water Harvesting etc. Start Orphanages for Orphan and Semi-orphan Children, Old Age Homes for rejected and needy Senior Citizens.

7. Principles found in the Holy Scriptures: We believe the Holy Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and the principles of service found in it should be applied for giving care to Humanity.