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Children Education

Children are the future citizens and they are the great national assets to whom the society needs to give greater care and proper education. It’s a very sad thing that the poor and marginalized sections in our society are unable to afford better education to their wards. Most of these children remain illiterates and become victims of exploitation and forced child labor.

People like Abraham Lincoln, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam etc. were people who came from very humble backgrounds, but achieved greater heights by acquiring education humility and vision! There are many such hidden talents in India among the marginalized poor sections today that we need to bring out and help in achieving their great potentials.

Divine Care has started public schools to achieve these goals in different places to achieve the target of educating thousands of poor and neglected children. For this, teachers are trained and appointed in chosen localities where free tuitions and educational aid are given to multitudes of children from the marginalized sections of the society.