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North Indian Villages are storehouses of diseases and cleanliness and sanitation take a backseat. Barefoot children playing and working in mud, drinking polluted water, lack of sanitation, proper drainage etc. makes people vulnerable to diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, jaundice and a variety of other diseases. T.B., Anemia, skin diseases, cancer, and even AIDS are becoming common diseases in a faster pace due to the lack of awareness among masses. The ill-effects of chewing tobacco, smoking, alcoholism, and drug addiction result in severe diseases, early and painful deaths, broken relations and families, under-nourished children, rampant child labor etc.

‘Divine Care’ considers it a divinely assigned duty to reach those people living in utter hopelessness to make them aware. These awareness programs deals with health issues people face in villages, towns and cities of North India, and help and guide them in a ‘healthy living’.